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Here's why there's a video of a guy cooking pasta on Vancouver's SkyTrain going viral

'We just want to push this concept that people should relax and have some pasta'
A man is seen making spaghetti on a subway car. The video is actually from Vancouver's Casereccio Foods, a Kitsilano restaurant, which is behind the 'More pasta, less drama' campaign.

People have seen a lot of odd sights on subways over the years, but food prep isn't a common one.

That's probably why a video of a man appearing to make spaghetti on a Vancouver SkyTrain has taken off on TikTok.

However, it's not someone rushing to make dinner for a date.

It's actually Alex Cascia of Casereccio Foods, a Kitsilano restaurant, and was done as part of Casereccio's Spaghetti Sunday and More Pasta, Less Drama campaign, says co-owner Simone Tarallo, who was on the train with Cascia.

"We just want to push this concept that people should relax and have some pasta," he tells V.I.A.

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The video, which shows Cascia hunched over a camping stove with a pan of spaghetti all sauced up, was inspired by LMs recent SkyTrain concert; one of Tarallo's partners was involved in that.

When they were discussing how to push Spaghetti Sundays and More Pasta, Less Drama, they decided making videos of people making pasta in unusual spots around Vancouver would be attention-grabbing. That day, they went out and bought a camping stove and started shooting (Tarallo notes the stove was not on when they were on the SkyTrain, though the pasta had just been heated and was warm).

On board a subway car is just the first site; one of Cascia at a SkyTrain station making spaghetti has already been uploaded, too.

Tarallo explains that the pasta-making man will distract people from the drama going on elsewhere at the place, like arguments or fights. That's the idea behind the Spaghetti Sunday and Make Pasta, Less Drama clothing they're selling as well.

"It is a brand, like a clothing brand, but the goal is to share the Italian concept of family dinners," says Tarallo. "More than a brand, it's a concept."

The video has already attracted attention; on TikTok, where the Spaghetti Sunday account was launched in December of 2023 and has only had a few videos posted, the two videos of Cascia "cooking" pasta have already garnered more than 140,000 views in less than two days.

The videos are still gaining thousands of views.

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