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I spy with my little drone: Someone has made hidden object videos of Vancouver neighbourhoods

Have time for a virtual scavenger hunt?
One video encourages watchers to spot art around UBC from well above.

Remember Where's Waldo? Or I Spy books?

What if there were videos made of areas around Vancouver with the same idea?

Well, query no more; there is a series of hidden object videos that have been put out by the YouTube channel Eye Spy. So far three have been uploaded: UBC, Kitsilano and Strathcona.

Each work the same way: a drone flies high above the street level and different unique objects are listed to be spotted during the flight. For example, as it passes over UBC it lists things like the tuning fork or a totem pole. A photo of the object to be found is on the screen to help during the virtual scavenger hunt.

Each video is about five minutes long, with three or four objects to find.

So far just three have been uploaded, but the creator says in messages to Vancouver Is Awesome they've got two more planned, for Burnaby and Steveston in Richmond. They also credit their mom for the idea of using the new drone to create a hide-and-seek style game.