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'I was like what the f**K!': Alicia Keys responds to Vancouver fan kissing her at concert

Keys' face showed how shocked she was.

A fan caught Alicia Keys by surprise at her Aug. 29 concert in Vancouver.

As the pop star was walking down an aisle beside the crowd at the stage front during her smash hit "Empire State of Mind" a blond woman reached out, grabbed the back of Keys' neck, and pulled her in for a big kiss on the cheek.

In videos shared online, you can see the look of shock on Keys' face, but she continues on with the show.

Keys later commented on a social media post about the incident.

"Trust me, I was like what the FUCK!!!!!!!! Don’t she know what time it is???" she wrote.

While the incident was notable, Keys didn't appear to let it skew her view of Vancouver, tweeting after the show that it was an "amazing night."

At the same time, many took to social media to raise issues with the woman's actions.