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Kid Carson leaving Z95.3 after controversial on-air rant

The radio host and Z95.3 have mutually decided to part ways
Kid Carson was a radio host at Z95.3 Vancouver from March 30, 2020 until Feb. 9, 2022

Radio show host Kid Carson is leaving his show.

Carson, who hosted the morning show at Z95.3 in Vancouver, won't be returning to that station's airwaves. 

His departure follows a broadcast this morning, Feb. 9, where he discussed a variety of issues, including suggesting the powers-that-be are trying to control children through "a digital ID that will control every aspect of their lives that can be switched off any time."

He also supported the Ottawa truck convoy protest, claimed the media wasn't telling the truth about things and noted that the Feb. 9 show may be his last.

"I'll be the one who gets mocked for doing my own research," he said in the broadcast, which he subsequently uploaded to Instagram.

He also discussed feeling like he wasn't allowed to talk about what mattered to him for several months, including vaccine mandates. He said he was pressured by the station's administration to avoid those topics.

In a statement to Vancouver Is Awesome, Steve Jones, the senior vice-president of brands, content and radio at Stingray, Z95.3's parent company, confirmed Carson is leaving the show.

"After today’s show, we reached a mutual decision to part ways. Kid has some very strong views on a number of polarizing topics," Jones wrote. "While we respect his right to have and express those views, they do not represent what Z95.3 is all about."

In a follow-up interview with Jones, he explained there were a couple of reasons for the pressure on Carson and the parting of ways, including the tone of Carson's topics.

"Z95.3 is not a politically charged talk radio station; it's a music lifestyle radio station. It is built to be a place of sort of stress relief, and fun and levity," he told V.I.A. "And it's not CKNW, it's not News 1130. It's not Fox News or Newsmax."

That said, if one were looking at talking about news and difficult topics, there has to be certain standards, he added.

"We need to stay grounded in reality and facts," Jones said. "We were insistent that the content on Kid's shows stay in that space."

He also noted that Carson's contract with the station was coming to a close and it was decided to end it early.

Given the nature of Carson's broadcast and comments about it potentially being his last one air, Jones said he isn't sure what Carson expected to happen.

During the broadcast, Carson mentioned multiple times he was working on a subscription-based podcast and encouraged people to support him that way.

Jones said it would be a "great forum" to explore a different type of show and called Carson a "great communicator and broadcaster."

Carson, who's had stints at other Vancouver radio stations, started at Z95.3 on March 30, 2020. Up until recently, Jordan McCloskey co-hosted the Kid Carson Show with Carson, but left around Christmas.

Jones says the music will go on at Z95.3 in the morning. A new show is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.