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'Rubble' the adorable kitten survived two days buried under debris in Surrey

He is a 'feisty little survivor' according to animal protection officers.

The cries of a kitten emanating from beneath a pile of wood with exposed nails, rocks and cement drew the attention of a neighbour to the property in Surrey. 

After searching along the fence line that contained thick brambles, the would-be rescuer spotted the head of a small orange kitten among the debris.

“The neighbour tried to coax the kitten out with food and water, but had no luck,” says Mark Vosper, regional manager of animal protection (Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley), BC SPCA in a press release. When the kitten didn't budge, the neighbour called BC SPCA for assistance.

When the animal protection officer arrived the meowing was loud and with the help of the neighbour and the property occupant, they were able to clear a section of the brambles and remove the rubble to rescue the kitten.

The male orange tabby had become wedged underneath a large piece of cement and rock and was unable to free himself and there was no sign of his mother or siblings.

Vosper says the kitten, who has been affectionately nicknamed Rubble, must have been stuck for at least two days and was extremely flea infested, underweight, hungry and thirsty when they found him though still very spirited. He was brought to the BC SPCA in Abbotsford for treatment and is now in the care of a foster home.

“This feisty little survivor is now resting happily with a full belly,” adds Vosper.

Rubble will be available for adoption once his stray hold has passed.