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Fond Farewell: This Vancouver artist paints house portraits for home-sellers (VIDEO)

"I'm going to keep painting until my fingers fall off." 🖌️🎨

Selling a home can have a certain sentimental value for some people.

But what if your fond farewell to a house could be captured in a beautiful painting to enhance your memories?

That's where Vancouver artist Jose De Juan comes in. 

The painter provides B.C. home-sellers with stunning portraits of their former residences. The pieces are gifted to the sellers by De Juan's close friend, Bowen Island realtor Mary Lynn Machado.

Originally from Spain, De Juan is a visual effects art animator by trade. He has worked for various studios over the years on films like Babe, Life of Pi, and The Jungle Book. He met Machado in the industry and the two worked together at Rhythm & Hues Studios in Los Angeles.

After moving to Vancouver, De Juan eventually turned to landscape painting as a hobby, using the great outdoors for his studio space.

After saying goodbye to the computer animation world, Machado became a realtor and settled on Bowen Island. She utilized her fine arts skills to help market properties but was searching for something special to do for clients.

When her aunt commissioned De Juan to create a painting for Machado's 50th birthday, the idea struck.

Just before home-sellers move out, she purchases an original print from De Juan and gifts them a special portrait of their former property. The artist uses photos of the houses for reference.

Now, after two years in real estate, Machado's business is booming and De Juan's paintings are immensely popular. The painter stays busy, managing his time between the visual effects world and his unique side project.

"I usually can fit it in and, because it's from photos, I can do it at home. So, it's not terrible; I'm glad it's a low time at work," says the artist.

De Juan has crafted over 15 house paintings for sellers so far. Each takes about four to eight hours to complete.

He says it can be a very emotional experience for people who receive his artwork and he's happy to pass on the mementos.

"It gives me great joy. I'm happy they have them and they appreciate them. I cannot stop so I'm gonna keep painting until my fingers fall off."