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Local photographer captures haunting snap of red sailboat in Vancouver waters (PHOTOS)

Who owns this beautiful red vessel?
A local photographer has captured a striking image of a little red sailboat in perfectly calm Vancouver waters on a misty day.

A local photographer has captured a striking image of a red sailboat in perfectly calm Vancouver waters on a misty day.

Ben Glassco works full-time as a photographer in the city and says he spotted the petite red vessel from his balcony on Friday, March 5. Since he works from home now, he says he sees the boat frequently. 

"I see the boat all the time," he explains. "It’s a gorgeous boat with red sails. [I] always wondered who it belonged to."

Glassco shared the marine snap on Reddit this week, asking locals on the platform if they know who the boat belongs to. Several people commented that the photograph looks like a movie poster, while others note that it has a distinctly haunting atmosphere. 

Redditor mxe363 remarks, "Oh man a spooky silhouette under the boat and you got an excellent start for a horror movie."

A few other people comment that the sailboat is called "Anja" and is docked at Heritage Harbour at the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Glassco also took to Instagram to share the image, remarking that "With your career, with your brand...even with your sense of self, never drift off course. The seas of life will throw an endless barrage of crosswinds, tempests, and full-on hurricanes at your little vessel, but never lose sight of your distant goal on the horizon."


Vancouver photographer Ben Glassco 

Showcasing his love for B.C. on his social media channels, Glassco offers a variety of spellbinding snaps from around the province and the world of large. He offers a mix of urban and nature photography, as well as a few portraits.

Last month Glassco captured a sweet snap of a couple enjoying a tender moment inside Stanley Park, and hoped followers on social media could help him track them down so he could share the image with them. 

Have a look at a few more of his images from around B.C.



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