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Locals share shots as banner proclaiming #FireBenning takes flight over Vancouver (PHOTOS)

The banner was circling the city Wednesday
The #FireBenning plane flies over Vancouver.

Whether you agree with the #FireBenning movement or not, the movement of Canucks fans against the team's GM Jim Benning has wings.

No really, that's what was flying above Vancouver yesterday.

Fans of the team raised the $1,600 to have a banner made that read "#FIREBENNING" made and flown around. Actually, they raised more than $2,700, with the extra apparently going to Canuck Place, the children's charity.

Yesterday, April 21, was the big day. As the last haze from 4/20 drifted away something new was in the sky a little plane pulled the bright red letters across the sky. To the delight of some fans and the embarrassment of others, it circled the city.

And of course, people took pics and video; below are a few of those posts.


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A few took the chance to add their own humour to the situation, as well.