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'This situation is awful': Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores closed for 5th day

Phone lines are back up but stores remain closed.
Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores are closed for a fifth day after a cyberattack over the weekend but the phone lines are up on May 2, 2024, and customers can get Canada Post mail.

Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores remain closed for a fifth day following a cyberattack that forced the closure of all the company's locations in Western Canada. 

The Canadian retailer discovered the "cybersecurity incident" on Sunday, April 28, and promptly closed locations across its network. 

Staff have been assisting customers with pharmacy care but the company took its phone lines down Monday afternoon to conduct an internal investigation. Customers were advised to visit stores in person during regular business hours for assistance. 

In an update Wednesday afternoon, London Drugs told V.I.A. that its phone lines are operational and customers should call their local store. Customer care is also available at 1-888-991-2299. 

Customers with urgent needs are encouraged to visit their store in person for immediate support. 

"London Drugs Pharmacists are on-site at all store locations to assist with emergency prescriptions needed and other urgent care. The health and well-being of our patients is our top priority," the company said.

People waiting on packages can now pick them up at Canada Post offices inside London Drugs stores. 

London Drugs says its stores will remain closed until it determines it can bring "operations back online in a safe and secure manner. "

The company is also investigating "the extent to which any data has been compromised in the incident."

Metro Vancouver London Drugs stores remain closed

Locals continue to express frustration with the London Drugs closure, with many expressing that the retailer provides several services they rely on. 

Customers have also been unable to access their online accounts. One social media user took to X (formerly Twitter) to say they'd tried to change their password after hearing about the cyberattack and were unable to. 

Damian Santos noted that London Drugs is one of the few places where people can shop for an array of items while getting essential services, including mail and medical care. 

"This London Drugs situation is awful, I sure hope things get fixed. Where else am I [going to] get my prescriptions filled, buy a new TV, grab a lava lamp, get a new passport photo taken, and buy bulk candy in one stop?" he quipped. 

Jamie Hari, the director of cybersecurity and DNS at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, told V.I.A. in a previous interview that the company will likely grapple with the ramifications caused by the cyberattack for a while. He added that it must stay closed until any potential threat is resolved. 

London Drugs told V.I.A. it will update the public as the investigation continues.