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Update: Man caught with gun in downtown Vancouver bar faces charges

Police shot him with a bean bag gun while arresting him.
A man was spotted with a gun Monday night, Jan. 9, in a bar at Granville and Robson streets in downtown Vancouver.

A man has been charged after a dramatic incident Monday night in downtown Vancouver.

The incident happened Jan. 9 at a bar at Granville and Robson streets in downtown Vancouver, when the suspect, a 45-year-old man, was spotted with a gun.

"We were called around 6 p.m. for a man with a gun inside the bar. A witness saw him put the gun on a table and then conceal it in his waistband," writes Sgt. Steve Addison in an email to V.I.A.

He notes that there was a safety concern given the staff and other customers in the bar, so police decided to confront the suspect as he left.

Addison adds the man didn't comply with police directions when they confronted him and bean bag rounds were used so police could safely take the man into custody.

When police searched him they discovered a gun. They also found he was on bail at the time.

Marcus Phillip Van Schilt has been charged with possession of a weapon and breaching bail. Following his arrest, Shilt was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

This story has been updated with additional details from the VPD.