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Vancouver police identify all but three suspects in notorious Breakout Festival riot

"It's only a matter of time until someone ID's you," says VPD.
Vancouver police have identified all but three of 25 suspects in the Breakout Festival riot at the PNE in September, 2022.

Vancouver police have identified all but three of 25 suspects in the Breakout Festival riot at the PNE. 

The Sept. 18 incident caused upwards of $300,000 in damages when hundreds of fans resorted to violence and vandalism after they were told the festival's headliner, rapper Lil Baby, was deemed too ill to perform.  

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) released photos of their 'top 10' most wanted suspects on Nov. 1, over a month after the event.  The following week they announced seven of the 10 had been identified.

VPD released photos of 15 more suspects on Nov. 24, in addition to the first 'top 10' most wanted.

Another suspect was identified on Dec. 7, leaving 13 suspects unidentified. A month later on Jan. 6, 2023, police have identified all but three remaining suspects. 

"If you are one of these suspects, turn yourself in. It's only a matter of time until someone ID's you," warns VPD on social media. 


The VPD has launched a website dedicated to the Breakout Festival riot. It includes multiple photos of each of the now 13 suspects they're trying to identify, along with places to submit tips on the suspects' identities and a portal for submitting video from the riot.

Punishment for the charges will depend on the individual's criminal history and the VPD hasn't recommended charges for anyone in relation to the riot yet. 

The VPD also has a tip line at 604-717-4021 for any information about this incident.

With flies from Elana Shepert and Brendan Kergin.