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Sit down and shut up: Massive three-day board game event coming to Vancouver

Organizers have set it up so solo attendees can find groups to play with and try out new games.

Fans of dice, group activities and little coloured plastic things you move over a piece of cardboard, there's an event coming up just for you.

Shux 2022 arrives at the end of September; the three-day event is put on by Shut Up and Sit Down, a website dedicated to board games.

"We're the foremost board game reviewers pretty much in the world," says Lisa Pope, the show manager, adding that board games are now a multi-billion dollar industry with fans and players around the world.

And they're bringing their games and friends to Vancouver starting Sept. 30 for three days of fun with anyone who wants to join in.

"Stage shows, massive social games, special events, over 50 publishers, 2,000+ Title Game Library, and more open gaming than any other show in Canada make these three days you’ll never forget!" promises the show's website.

The open games floor is particularly friendly, Pope says.

"You can't stand in the open gaming area without someone asking you to join a game," she says, explaining that many people come alone to the convention and just play with strangers, getting to know new people and new games at the same time. There's also a matchmaking system, so people can find games and people at the same time.

There are also large social games with up to 20 people working together in one game.

It's the fourth time the convention has happened in person; they started in Vancouver in 2017. The last live convention was in October 2019; since then there have been a couple of digital conferences, but Pope is excited to see people playing in person again.

While the convention is based in Vancouver, she notes there are people coming from around the world to play here; for one, the Shut Up and Sit Down team has people coming from the UK. It helps that the city and convention centre are set up in a beautiful and practical place, Pope explains.

"A lot of our attendees are from outside of Vancouver or even outside of Canada;" Pope says. "We want to share how great Vancouver is to everyone."

When: Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, 2022

Where: Vancouver Convention Centre

Cost: $199 for 3-day ticket.