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This VFX artist is hanging a bunch of chandeliers around the city through 'video magic'

He's also helped us see Orca whales in Vancouver's Chinese Garden and elephants in English Bay.
Tom Belding VFX Vancouver artist
Vancouver VFX artist Tom Belding has put up chandeliers all over Vancouver. His other videos show Orcas in the Classical Chinese Garden and elephants in English Bay.

The sparkly chandelier hanging underneath the Granville Bridge is a sight to see.

But imagine a Vancouver where chandeliers hang under every single bridge and overpass. This VFX artist made that vision come true - at least in video form.

Tom Belding, a writer, photographer, and director who does "video magic" as detailed in his Instagram bio, announced on social media that he's made a pledge to hang chandeliers all over the city.

"We're going to put up chandeliers under every single overpass, archway, anything with an overhang really," Belding says into a microphone, with a view of a chandelier in the background. 

The video shows close-up shots of dangling crystal structures under the Lions Gate bridge, Burrard Bridge, one of the city's overpasses, the entrance to Granville Island, and the entrance to Vancouver's Chinatown. 

His reason for this beautiful (virtual) installation? "Art is important, art is art, and chandelier is chandelier," he explains. (Belding's reasoning seems almost as wobbly as the reasoning behind the controversial $4.8M Rodney Graham installation itself.)

@thetombelding I love chandelier. #vancity #vancouver #dailyhivevancouver #curiocityvancouver #vancouverbc #fyp #dailyhivevan ♬ original sound - Tom Belding

This isn't the first time that Belding has made Vancouverites do a double-take. His previous venture into the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden surprised viewers with Orca whales casually swimming around the pond. Another video transformed False Creek into a steep waterfall. 

@thetombelding Took a trip to the Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver. #vancouver #vancity #vancouverbc #dailyhivevancouver #chinesegarden #animals ♬ original sound - Tom Belding

This VFX artist clearly loves the city, but his favourite part about Vancouver is the elephants, which he casually pointed out as they take a dip at English Bay.

@thetombelding I love the Vancouver elephants. #vancouver #vancouverbc #vancouvercanada #wildlife ♬ original sound - Tom Belding