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Metro Vancouver couple celebrate anniversary with $1 million lotto win

'Unbelievable! Surreal! Amazing!'
Arthur and Margaret Lyon of Surrey, B.C. learned they'd won $1 million in the lottery on their wedding anniversary in November 2021.

You've heard of couples celebrating their "Golden" anniversary, or maybe the "Paper" or "Crystal" anniversary, but what do you call an anniversary when you learn you've won $1 million in the lotto?

Metro Vancouver's Arthur and Margaret Lyon marked their 2021 wedding anniversary by learning they won the $1-million Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed Prize from the November 20 draw. 

The Surrey residents said they were in the kitchen at home with their daughter when they scanned their Lotto! app and got the life-changing news.

“We were all dancing in the kitchen,” Arthur Lyon recalled of that extra-special anniversary day, according to a BCLC press release. "We could not believe that it had actually happened.”

“Unbelievable! Surreal! Amazing!” added Margaret Lyon about the happy news.

The couple bought their ticket from the Nesters Market on 108 Avenue in Surrey.

How will the Lyons use their winnings to extend the celebration? The Surrey winners say the number-one item they would like to cross off their wish list is an around-the-world cruise. They previously cruised in Italy and Russia and can’t wait to get back on board for a much longer adventure.