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New park green-lit for southeastern corner of Vancouver

It'll be called Promontory Park, for now

One of the developing neighbourhoods in Vancouver is getting a new park.

Currently called Promontory Park, the new space is a triangle of land at the intersection of Marine Way with Sawmill Crescent. Located in the East Fraser Lands (EFL), the park will be 0.3 hectares, or about the size of two hockey rinks.

The EFL is expected to become home to around 15,000 new residents as it gets built out, and park space will be needed. More than 10 hectares of land are expected to become dedicated park space over the years.

In a report to the Vancouver parks board, staff estimated it'll cost $1.7 million to build the park and $34,000 a year to maintain.

When staff engaged with area residents most agreed with the design, though there were requests for an off-leash area for dogs which isn't part of the design.

"The proposed concept for the new park features a new playground, lawn areas, pathways and large planting areas with a focus on habitat creation and stormwater management," staff write in the report. "The concept takes advantage of the steeply sloped site, where accessible paths provide universal accessibility through the park and help to separate the park into different “rooms” for active play and informal recreation and socializing."

The park board voted to greenlight the project at this week's meeting.