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No, the Cactus Club staff parking spots next to the English Bay Barge aren't a prank

Rock star parking, Bargeside
Cactus Club parking spots, steps away from the English Bay Barge

It's been seven days since the now-beloved English Bay Barge washed ashore at Sunset Beach in the West End. In that time it's drawn a considerable amount of attention from the media, from people walking past, and it's also been the subject of a lot of internet memes.

One common quip on social media is that they should keep the barge where it is and turn it into a Cactus Club, and if you were trying to find a parking spot in the lot directly above the barge you might think that wasn't a joke - there are signs noting that 5 stalls are reserved for Cactus Club staff there.

Is it a prank?

A representative from Cactus Club tells Vancouver Is Awesome that, no, the signs are not there as some sort of prank, or a meme come to life.

The signs were installed years ago, and the reserved spots were once used by the staff who work at their location a few blocks away. However, they haven't been using them for "a couple of years."

Staff now use the valet service across the street from their location at 1790 Beach Ave.

There's no official word yet from Cactus Club on the possibility of them opening a new location inside the barge, should it stay where it is as a permanent fixture.