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One-stop-shop for parents, entrepreneurs opens in East Vancouver

OneSpace offers desk space, a conference room, a lounge, a gym and a childminding centre all under one roof

The answer for parents needing a single place to take care of their children, get some work done, or relax has just opened in East Vancouver.

The female-founded OneSpace opened on Monday, Feb. 1 at 1187 Odlum Drive and aims to remove traditional barriers that exist for moms, entrepreneurs and small businesses. OneSpace is a one-stop-shop of sorts with services ranging from childminding to quiet workspaces to a gym all under one roof so today’s parents can find balance in their busy lives. 

Elizabeth Fisher, co-founder and CEO of OneSpace says that she and her OneSpace partners were all struggling to hit their stride in a society that has failed to keep up with the needs of modern parents. Fisher added the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has added its own set of obstacles. 
“Childcare has become even more expensive and harder to find in Vancouver, so parents  have been juggling working from home and childcare duties,” Fisher said. “Trying to get in a workout, massage, a counselling session or just time for yourself is near impossible in that situation.”


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According to a media release from OneSpace, the facility is designed to both feel open and offer maximum privacy and space according to social distancing guidelines. The Children’s Atelier is located on the second floor, separate from the flex space where parents can relax or work. 

On the rooftop, an enclosed gym with mountain views is available for use as weather permits and members can book massage appointments or personal training sessions as well. The OneSpace community also has access to a range of wellbeing and entrepreneurial services. 

Alison McKenzie, director of growth for OneSpace, notes the space is an intersection of flexibility, hustle, and self-care. 

“We simply haven’t found this to exist elsewhere,” she said. “I see OneSpace as a place for empowerment. Empowering entrepreneurs with the space and collaboration to grow their businesses,” McKenziem said.

You can now sign up for memberships and view baby and childminding times on their website.