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200 parking spots are going to disappear from Vancouver streets. Here’s why

Intersections between major and minor streets will see the change this winter
Slow streets in Vancouver are getting new barriers in parking spots.

In 2020 the City of Vancouver introduced the Slow Streets program, aimed at creating safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists while still accommodating cars and emergency vehicles.

This winter the program is advancing as the temporary barriers are replaced with permanent concrete "gateways," according to the city.

"The new barriers will only be installed at major street intersections where site conditions permit," the city tells Vancouver Is Awesome. "On minor streets, the plastic barriers be removed, with signage added if needed for wayfinding."

The Slow Streets network covers about 40 km of roadway throughout the city, including the Fairview, Strathcona, Commercial Drive, and Little Mountain areas.

On-street parking spaces cut for more "gateways"

"We estimate that approximately 200 spaces or two per cent of on-street parking across the 40km network of Slow Streets will be removed to accommodate the new gateways," notes the city.

The change from the orange plastic barriers to permanent concrete gateways with signs will help with ongoing maintenance costs says the city, and will improve aesthetics.

Started as a response to the pandemic, one goal of the Slow Streets program was to make it easier for people to get outside near their homes.

"The initiative has since helped reshape how we use local streets, providing a safe and comfortable street environment for different users," states the city. "We will continue to monitor the network and make additional adjustments if they are needed, including reviewing barrier locations."