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Men in Vancouver found out exactly what period pain feels like. Here's how it went

Would you get strapped up to a period cramp simulator?
Somedays period simulator
Somedays, the period relief brand, brought a period cramp simulator to Granville Island and tried it out on some Vancouver guys. Here's how it went.

The internet can't get enough of seeing men in pain.

It's a morbid concept, but one founded on something that many people experience on a regular basis and that isn't normal (although it is normalized): period pain.

Somedays, a period relief brand, gained notoriety on social media for a period pain simulator that they started using at their pop-ups to raise awareness about menstrual pain and this past weekend they stopped by Granville Island for a three-day stint at the Net Loft and to educate some Vancouver guys.

Here's how the experience goes: The team hooks up the machine to men to try to close the pain gap and give them a taste of what uterus owners sometimes feel on a regular basis before or during their period.

The Canadian company has appeared on Dragon's Den and Canadian news programs with the same message, "periods shouldn't hurt." Their period relief products which consist of creams, oils, herbal teas, heat pads, and bath mud, decrease inflammation of the abdominal muscles, increase circulation to the uterus, and improve hormone processing to try to address the root cause of the pain.

The products are designed to be used on an ongoing basis for long-term pain relief and to reframe the oftentimes traumatic experience of menstruating.

Somedays also advocates for an intersectional approach to period management and an open conversation that involves all genders coming to a better understanding of what periods do and should feel like. Their approach just also happens to be very entertaining. 

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