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Photos: Tiny Vancouver rental is more hallway than bedroom

The bed awkwardly touches three walls.

The Vancouver rental market is tight, and this awkward room seems to take that idea literally.

The tiny room is in a downtown Vancouver apartment. Advertised on Facebook for $850, the space isn't just small, but oddly shaped. In photos online, it appears to either be a hallway to nowhere or a deep, 'L' shape closet.

The room does have a bed, though it appears to be just a cot. Even so, it fills the width of the room, blocking any passage to the back of the room, which widens out. There is a rack to hang clothing from.

Aside from the rack and the bed, there's nothing else in the room as far as furniture goes, and it doesn't look like much more would fit.

The door to the room is also a bit unusual: it's a bifold with a mirror on the other side.

The price for the miniature room may be a case of 'location, location, location.' The rest of the apartment, located in a Homer Street tower near Rainbow Park, looks fairly normal and includes laundry.

The amenities apparently included with living in the building are nice, as well, with pools, a gym and a games room.