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Going to Point Roberts? The COVID-19 travel advisory applies to you, too

Going to get some gas or pick up packages in Point Roberts? That counts as international travel
B.C. health officials urged residents to avoid all non-essential international travel including to the United States. Delta Optimist file photo

Going to pick up cheap gas or some groceries in Point Roberts?

Even though it’s a boundary oddity, not connected with mainland America, the travel advisory for anyone to self-isolate coming from the U.S. also applies to those coming from the tiny peninsula.   

Several people on Facebook groups said they’ve travelled to get gas at the Point, suggesting it was not a big deal.    

The peninsula is part of Whatcom County.

This week the county confirmed the first case of COVID-19 but wouldn’t say where the woman in her 60s resides.  She’s now out of a Bellingham hospital and is at home self-isolated.

The county’s health department recommend those at high risk of severe illness stay home away from large groups.

B.C. health officials this week announced new measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus including a ban on gatherings of over 250 people, as well as a recommendation for people to stop all non-essential travel outside of Canada, including to the U.S

Those returning from the States are asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

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