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Police investigating after man confronts, uses gay slur against young couple

Warning: The video and this story may be distressing to some people and shows homophobic behaviour

Warning: The video and this story may be distressing to some people and shows homophobic behaviour

Police are investigating after a very public incident in downtown Vancouver was caught on video. 

On Jan. 29 Jamie Pine and his boyfriend took the SkyTrain downtown for a night out; when they disembarked at Burrard Station in the city's core, a man followed them off and confronted them, according to videos Pine has shared on social media.

"He chased us down the platform, up the escalator, up to the bus," Pine says in the video.

In the footage of the incident, once they were at street level, the man can be seen and heard screaming at the pair for several minutes, at one point using an anti-gay slur.

"We don't need to see that f**king s**t in public. The kids don't need to see that s**t in public. Don't like it? Get the f**k out of Canada," he says at one point, followed by a gay slur.

He then tosses a can and leaves for a moment, but comes back and accuses them of feeling each other up while on the SkyTrain; Pine says they weren't (and shares footage of the pair sitting spaced apart).

The confrontation escalates as the man, who notes he's from Grand Prairie, Alta., asks Pine's boyfriend where he's from (he wasn't born in Canada) and screams about how he "doesn't want this f**kin' bullsh**t in my f**kin' country." The couple tries to keep things calm while defending themselves, but the man remains aggressive.

People arrive at that point and try to help de-escalate the situation, after several minutes the man leaves. The couple went on and "didn't let it ruin our night" Pine notes in the video.

In a follow-up video Pine says the Vancouver Police Department reached out to him and he was planning to give a statement. Police confirm they're investigating the incident.

"Yes, we have reached out to the victim and are conducting an investigation," writes police spokesperson Const. Tania Visintin in an email to V.I.A.

In a follow-up video Pine says the response to the video has been heartwarming and that the man "is the one that's out of place."

The incident has caught plenty of attention on social media. TikTok took down Pine's original video, but it was shared on Reddit.

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