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Vancouver radio station takes three beloved hosts off the air

The Early Show with Jeremy and Charis is no more.
Hosts of The Early Show, Jeremy Baker and Charis Hoggs, and midday host Jason Manning were let go from The Peak radio station.

Three popular radio DJs at 102.7 The Peak have been let go.

It was announced today in a Facebook post that Jeremy Baker and Charis Hogg — hosts of The Early Show — along with midday host Jason Manning were no longer with the station.

The news comes on the heels of a recent decision to take The Peak off FM radio altogether. In July 2022, the radio station switched over to HD, meaning it could multicast shows digitally.

It's also just been a weird year for Vancouver radio. Since late June, radio hosts have been fired, new stations have cropped up, and one DJ had a heart attack.

Not much has been said publicly by the three hosts about the most recent shakeup but Jeremy Baker did confirm the news on Twitter saying, "Probably be on the bench for a bit. But we’ll sort something out when we can!"

Vancouver band the Matinée Tweeted their support of Baker, Hoggs, and Manning and pointed out the poor timing of the news given that it is Baker's birthday.

Listeners also aren't happy with the decision, and the majority of Facebook comments are sad to see the hosts go.