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Ryan Reynolds helps Vancouver photographer amass huge spotlight

"Thanks broski!"
ryan reynolds supports vancouver creative
Ben Glassco woke up to his latest Instagram video at 779,000 views after Ryan Reynolds shared the Vancouver photographer's post on his Instagram story.

Ryan Reynolds is quick to lend a helping hand to fellow Vancouverites, even if it's only on the internet.

Vancouver-based photographer and videographer Ben Glassco shared an Instagram reel Wednesday afternoon (July 6) of Indigenous dancers, Rebecca Rose Marie and Larissa Healey, dancing in front of the Inukshuk Monument at Sunset Beach. The video gained thousands of views overnight (approximately 779,000).

It wasn't until the next day that Glassco realized what went right. "So my video just went viral on Instagram after my ol' buddy shared it," he wrote in a tweet.

That "buddy" was Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds shared the video to his Instagram story shortly after it was posted to which Glassco replied "Love when Wolverine supports us Vancouver artists," on his own Instagram story, teasing at the actor's rivalry with Hugh Jackman. 

This isn't the first time that Reynolds has shared the creative's work. Previous shout-outs from the celebrity included several photos and a video by Glassco.

"Thanks broski!" the Vancouverite added in the tweet. 

In 2021, Glassco turned to social media to help identify a couple he'd captured in a sweet moment in the snow at Stanley Park.