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Ryan Reynolds joins Vancouverites in wanting John Candy on Canadian currency

Terry Fox and Gord Downie would also be contenders if the public had a say
canadian money
Ryan Reynolds and other Vancouverites support printing John Candy and other Canadian icons on Canadian currency following Queen Elizabeth II's death on Sept. 8, 2022.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II this week, conversations around her passing have turned towards what will happen to Canadian currency.

Ryan Reynolds chimed in, along with fellow Vancouverites and Canadians, supporting the notion of printing one Canadian star on the $20 bill. That is, "If Canada opted not to put [King] Charles [III] on the coins," asked Ivor Tossell in the viral tweet prompting the discussions. 

Comedian Patton Oswalt's reply to Tossell's tweet naming iconic Canadian comedian and actor John Candy was followed by a wave of support, including Reynolds' tweet saying "Yes yes yes. Mint this."

Others shared a list of contenders which also mentioned Candy. 

Overall, Candy tops most Vancouverites' lists of candidates for the $20 bill. Canadian icons Terry Fox and Gord Downie are other recurring names.

Following the monarch's death Thursday (Sept. 8), many Vancouverites reflected on social media about what the loss means to them.