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Vancouverites react to the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is dead, God save the King.
Queen PNE
The Queen visited the PNE in 1959. Vancouver shares memories of the late monarch Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England.

It's one of those moments where people will look back and ask "do you remember where you were when you found out the Queen had died?"

For many of us Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch, was the only Queen we had known in our lifetime.

The feelings among Vancouverites across the internet are mixed but the prevailing emotion is sadness and people who admit they aren't royalists or even pro-monarchy agree that the Queen was a sort of ceremonial grandmother to the UK and ruled with grace and dignity. 

In his statement from the cabinet retreat from Vancouver, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called her "one of his favourite people in the world." 

The Queen visited Canada more than any other country during her reign and locals have taken to Twitter to share their memories of times the Queen visited Vancouver. Some saw her while she toured UBC, others were in a children's hospital she visited, and lots of people fondly remember her dropping a puck at a Canucks game almost 20 years ago. She even visited the PNE and attended the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

These are a few of the thoughts Vancouverites have today. V.I.A will continue to update this story as people continue to share.