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Ryan Reynolds tells Vancouver couple he may have to hire or kidnap them (VIDEO)

"Couple Goals."
Ryan Reynolds told a Vancouver couple he might have to hire or kidnap them. (via Mint Mobile)

As big fans of beloved Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, making an advertisement for his gin company was a natural choice for a local couple - even if it was just for fun.

Since all of their work was called off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vancouver couple Glen Jackson and Megs Jackson started an 'ad a day challenge' to keep their creative juices flowing. Along with their business partner Conair Fair, they own a creative video agency called One Peak creative, and say that the work they typically do requires them to be in the same room with multiple people working together to tell stories. As such, all of their projects were postponed for the forseeable future. In the meanwhile, the three of them have been self-isolating together in an house in Kelowna in order to practice safe physical distancing. 

"At first it was really frustrating for us because we felt extremely limited by the situation," explains Glen. "But after a couple weeks of trying to navigate our way through all of this we decided we’d have to do something to come out of this situation inspired and more creative than ever."

"So we started throwing ideas out there and just dove right into this adsolation project. It was really daunting at first but it’s been absolutely incredible to see the support we’ve received from the community! Basically - we conceptualize, storyboard, script, shoot, edit, and post a video every 24 hours for a month."

As fans of the Deadpool star and his creative ads for Aviation Gin, the couple hoped they could use one of his failed slogans to create a new concept that would catch the actor's eye.

 "A couple days before creating this concept, a local VFX company reached out to us asking if they could help us out on our #Adsolation series," says Glen.

"Typically they work on hollywood productions (some of their past work includes Captain America, Star Wars, and The Hunger Games) But given the current situation they've had some free time and wanted to do something to challenge themselves and stay creative while helping another local business."

Since posting the video, it has been viewed a whopping 79,000 times on Instagram. What's more, Ryan Reynolds commented that he didn't know whether to hire them or kidnap them. And Blake Lively remarked, "Couple Goals."

Aviation-approved-01Photo: Glen Jackson

"It’s really important for us to continue to create for ourselves, not only to keep us inspired, but also to hone in and improve our skills," adds Glen.

"We’ve learned more about ourselves and what we’re all capable of achieving together in this last 2 weeks than we had in the 6 months prior, and now we're getting the opportunity to work with some really interesting brands and some super creative individuals."

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