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Ryan Reynolds Way: Ottawa might get a street named for the Vancouver-born star

In return, the actor has changed his daughter's name to “Ottawa”

One of the biggest names in entertainment to come out of Vancouver might be used for a street on the opposite side of the country. 

As part of his final State of the City Address, Ottawa’s outgoing mayor Jim Watson announced he would be bringing forward a motion to name a street near a new subdivision after Ryan Reynolds. 

“Ryan Reynolds Way will be located in a new subdivision in the east end. Look forward to seeing it open soon!” Watson wrote on Twitter.

The decision came about as Ottawa has a “special place in Ryan's heart” according to Watson. This likely is a reference to how last year Reynolds portrayed a haggard intern named Bruce at Ottawa Public Health who mistakenly sent out a tweet about who won the 2021 Super Bowl without including the name of the winning team.

In response to the deep honour, the Deadpool actor responded: 

“This is an incredible honour and a deal is a deal, Mr Mayor… I’ve changed my daughter’s name to ‘Ottawa.’”

If you're wondering why Vancouver hasn't got a street named after one of its favourite sons yet, the idea was already nixed by the actor two years ago. Reynolds made his thoughts known to the prospect when a petition created in 2020 called for Mayor Kennedy Stewart to name one of Vancouver’s streets after him. 

"Very kind but hard pass," wrote Reynolds in response to a Toronto radio reporter who tweeted out her support for the idea. "If traffic sucks everyone will say, 'Ryan Reynolds is a mess' or 'Ryan Reynolds is really backed up.’ My brothers would enjoy this too much."


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