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Save Old Growth protester superglues hands to UBC library doors

These protesters are using paint, posters and superglue.
Save Old Growth protester painting stairs at UBC
Lukas Troni and two other Save Old Growth protesters painted the stairs and put up posters at a UBC library. Troni was the only person to superglue his hands to the doors.

Some is really stuck on a University of B.C. library, literally.

UBC student Lukas Troni, along with two other protesters, painted the library stairs blue and green today (May 16) and put up signs at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre in protest.

Troni has also superglued his hands to the library doors.

The group is part of Youth Climate Resistance which is a branch of Save Old Growth; they've been organizing road blockades and protests over the past month. 

"Our objective is to get UBC to divest from fossil fuels a lot sooner than there was a plan to do," Troni tells Vancouver Is Awesome.

The protesters gathered early afternoon on May 16 and have been visited by University RCMP, campus security and others.

"We've had quite a few people show up [who bought] us coffee, some people gave us words of support which is really nice," Troni adds. 

He says that they plan on staying at the library for several hours before attempting to un-glue him (Troni expects acetone might work).