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Screaming match on SkyTrain sees unmasked passenger deny reality of COVID-19 (VIDEO)

Transit Police are calling it an aggressive argument between two people: 'Things could have escalated and become far worse'
Photo: YouTube/Tony West
Editor's note: Article links to a video containing language some viewers may find offensive.

A shouting match between two Vancouver SkyTrain passengers has been caught on video and since attracted the attention of Metro Vancouver Transit Police.

The two-minute clip posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows the men – one wearing a face mask and one without– screaming at each other.

The maskless man is overheard saying to another rider, "I'll pay you $100 to punch him out."

The incident took place on a SkyTrain approaching Joyce-Collingwood station, confirmed Transit Police Sgt. Clint Hampton.

The dispute, which does not meet the Criminal Code’s threshold of charges according to Hampton, saw a few other TransLink passengers – including a woman – get involved.

The female mentions mask-wearing, which prompts a pandemic-fueled rant from the unmasked rider.

"Wake up, have you seen the funeral homes? You see dead bodies? It's so f---ing fake," he screamed about COVID-19.

“It’s fake, it’s fake, it’s so f---ing fake,” the man is heard yelling.

Disputes over face masks can 'escalate,' warns Transit Police

This is not the first time mask-wearing appears to have played a role in a Metro Vancouver transit dispute.

Per TransLink policy, riders must wear face coverings, with few medical exceptions.

Recently, in two separate instances, the lack of mask-wearing appears to have ignited fights between TransLink passengers, which have included acts of spitting and punching.

Hampton is encouraging riders – instead of taking matters into their own hands – to discreetly call Transit Police before matters worsen.

“Things could have escalated and become far worse,” the officer said.