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Unmasked TransLink passenger seen spitting on male passenger who calls her 'disgusting' (VIDEO)

Transit Police are investigating after video surfaces on social media of aggressive interaction between bus passengers
A TikTok user who has posted two other videos of Vancouver recorded the alleged assault. Photo: TikTok/Diegooforeo

Warning: This article contains links to a video containing acts of aggression and assault.

Not much is yet known about an altercation caught on video where an unmasked female TransLink passenger spat in the face of a masked male who called her “disgusting.”

Metro Vancouver Transit Police are currently in the early stages of investigating the incident, confirmed Sgt. Clint Hampton.

The male passenger, who appears to have been spit on, is seen wiping his face.

He responds to the act of assault by twice pushing the woman – who is not wearing a mask as currently mandated by TransLink – off of the bus.

The female passenger appears to fall to the ground outside of the bus, where she is approached by a bystander.

Neither of the TranksLink passengers called Transit Police to report the incident, confirmed Hampton.

“We are aware of the video, our general investigation unit is now investigating which includes reaching out to the person who posted the video,” he elaborated.

Do not confront unmasked bus patrons, TransLink urges

Last month, a fight broke out on a Surrey bus after a passenger asked an unmasked man if he had a medical exemption to the policy.

In response, TransLink advised customers not to press the issue if they see another passenger not wearing a face covering.

"We ask customers not to attempt to enforce TransLink’s mandatory mask policy," a TransLink spokesperson told Vancouver Is Awesome in an email.

Not only could the exchange end in aggression, or worse, they said not all medical exemptions are visible.

"Spot checks show about 95 per cent of customers are complying with the policy and are wearing masks on board transit vehicles," TransLink assured.

Instead, customers are encouraged to contact Transit Police or use the silent alarm onboard buses at any time.