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Someone is renting a cot in their Vancouver living room for $900 per month

It's not the most private living space.

Someone is looking for a roommate in their one-bedroom apartment.

While normally that means a tiny room or solarium has been repurposed into a bedroom, in this case a cot has been set up in the living room without much else.

In photos from the Facebook Marketplace ad, the small bed covered in a bright pink blanket sits along one wall in the middle of the room, with a kitchen table and couch nearby.

"Your bed is in the living room," states the ad, noting there's a closet for the new roommate as well.

The rent for a cot in a West End living room? $895 per month.

Along with the cot, living room and kitchen the unit has a large balcony with views of English Bay, and the building has a swimming pool.