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'Sounds like a bribe': Vancouverite offers Ryan Reynolds 20 custom aprons

All he asks for is a stitch or duet to his video.
search and rescue denim apron ryan reynolds tiktok
Will Fosdick took to TikTok to ask Ryan Reynolds to help spread his friend's story and offered 20 custom aprons in return.

Vancouver celebrity Ryan Reynolds is known to offer fellow Vancouverites a helping hand.

One local is offering Reynolds something in return for an act of kindness.

Will Fosdick took to TikTok on September 1 to share his friend's story. "Two weeks ago, my best friend Lindsay was diagnosed with terminal stage four breast cancer," he began.

She has been training during the summer for the 2000 kilometre charity bike ride around Vancouver Island, Tour de Rock, to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. A recent MRI scan confirmed that she has stage three cancer, rather than the initial stage four cancer diagnosis, and that it is treatable.

While Lindsay continues to train, Fosdick was thinking of ways to help Lindsay spread her story. That's when he thought of Reynolds.

"You may be asking yourself, Why me?" Fosdick tells the celebrity. "Well, for one, you're a beloved Canadian celebrity. And, two, you have [your] Aviation Gin company."

Fosdick's Vancouver-based company Search and Rescue Denim Co makes custom aprons for bartenders, baristas, stylists, chefs, and other craftspeople and companies.

"I'd like to send you 20 custom Aviation Gin aprons if you'd be willing to stitch or duet this video and help us spread Lindsay's message and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society," Fosdick says.

He adds that the offer does sound like a bribe, which, he admits, it is, "but I'd be willing to do anything for my friend."

His video amassed over 70,000 views on the social media platform and the comments were flooded with accounts tagging the Vancouver celebrity. 

@searchandrescuedenim Not many people can say they’re stoked that it’s stage 3 cancer 🙃 👋🏼 @vancityreynolds #fuckcancer #Vancouver #BC #tourderock ♬ Indian Summer - HOAX