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Owners of closing Vancouver diner touched by staff's well-wishes

"Stoked this is coming to an end for ya," one employee replied to the news. 
Wallflower Diner staff
Staff at Vancouver's Wallflower Diner congratulated the owners on closing the business despite losing their jobs. The diner's last day open is July 12, 2022.

A popular Vancouver diner is shutting its doors and, despite losing their jobs, the staff are "so happy."

To the dismay of locals, Wallflower Diner announced on July 1 that it's closing down permanently this month

Owners Heather Szilagyi and Eric Neilson broke the news to the staff over the long weekend too and the employees took the news rather well, congratulating them on the end of the business.

"I'm so happy for you! I'm so glad you found a buyer and can walk away towards bigger better things!" one employee replied to the news.

Meanwhile, another said: "Stoked this is coming to an end for ya."

The owners, who had been seeking to sell the business for some time now, were very touched by their staff's well-wishes.

"When you tell your staff that they no longer have a job, and they respond by congratulating you, you know that you've done at least one thing right," they shared on the Wallflower's social media accounts, adding: "We've been so lucky to have this incredible team, and we wouldn't have made it this far without them."

"Business owners and managers, if you see a resume coming your way from Wallflower staff, you'd be a fool to not hire them," they added.