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Stanley Park's 9 o'clock gun hasn't been firing for over a week — here's why

Did you notice the cannon's signature evening 'BOOM' has been absent lately?
The 9 o’clock gun’s signature “BOOM” is a staple sound of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. For the past week though, it has fallen silent, according to the City of Vancouver.

If you’ve been missing Stanley Park’s evening “BOOM” for the last week or so, you’re not alone. 

Last week, we looked into a tip from a Vancouver Is Awesome reader inquiring about the 9 o’clock gun’s apparent ceasefire. As it turns out, the 205-year-old cannon has fallen silent because one of the structures used to prepare the cannon for charges was damaged last month. 

“The building was damaged by a falling tree on Sept. 29. Staff are working to repair the structure and have temporarily suspended the firing until the issue is resolved,” the City of Vancouver wrote in a recent email to V.I.A.

As for when the gun will be back to signalling, the city doesn’t yet have an estimate on the repair time but says it is currently being inspected. 

To see how the 9 o’clock gun is loaded and by who, check out this piece below from our video reporter Thor Diakow