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Vancouver artist drops the Millennium Falcon in the waters off Stanley Park (PHOTO)

Punch it Chewie!

Out of a galaxy far far away, one of science fiction’s most iconic spacecraft has made an emergency water landing here in Vancouver.


Well, maybe not but local artist David Aste sure made it look that way. In his most recent work, Aste showed what Han Solo’s ship the Millennium Falcon would look like if it were to cruise by Stanley Park just off Prospect Point. If you look close enough, there are some additions to the Falcon that would make it feel right at home in Vancouver.

Vancouver Millennium Falcon1
Local artist David Aste has shown what other Star Wars crafts would look like around Vancouver before by planting an Imperial Star Destroyer above the city. . David Aste

This isn’t the first time Aste has brought a Star Wars ship to life in Vancouver though. Just last month he showed what a 1,600m-long Imperial Star Destroyer would look like hovering above the city. 

These renderings will eventually be part of a 10 part series Aste is working on the artist revealed in a message to Vancouver Is Awesome

“The idea is to showcase what it would look like if instead of another distant planet, it was Vancouver the one at the center of the action,” Aste said. 

So who knows, maybe we’ll see the Death Star, rising like a second moon above the horizon, or maybe an Imperial landspeeder tearing through the woods of Stanley Park. Whatever is to come next you can keep up to date by following Aste on his Instagram account @davidaste.