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The Dude Chilling Park sign has been stolen, again

Not again 😠

One of Vancouver's most iconic signs has gone missing again.

The Dude Chilling Park sign (which is actually a piece of public art, the park is Guelph Park) appears to have been stolen, according to a spokesperson for the Vancouver Park Board.

This is the third time the sign has gone missing.

At the sign's site the two poles are still there, but the sign is gone. There are some freshly-welded brackets added to the posts as well, which appear to replace the ones that were holding the sign.

The sign will be replaced.

"It will cost about $1,300 to replace the sign and repair and repaint the posts that hold the sign. The new sign should be up within 10 days," says park board spokesperson Daria Wojnarski in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome.

It was last stolen in 2018. At the time the park board's manager of operations Alex Downie told Vancouver is Awesome they suspected it was taken as a souvenir; the metal the sign is made out of wouldn't be worth much as scrap.

He added they would "vandal-proof" the fasteners.

The sign was initially a piece of rogue art installed by Viktor Briestensky in 2012 in reference to a piece of public art in the park. It has since officially become a piece of public art.

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