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This tiny downtown Vancouver condo for sale doesn't come with a kitchen

It's just a bedroom, bathroom and a door.

When looking for a place to live people are generally looking for a couple of essential things.

Space to sleep, a place to take care of 'business' and make oneself clean, and space to prepare food are at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. However, in this tiny downtown Vancouver condo that just hit the market, one of those has been left out.

In other words, it doesn't quite have everything and the kitchen sink. It has no kitchen at all.

The entire condo is fairly small and, as it's set up now, has a bed, a desk, a TV and a bathroom. Because of its size it also doesn't have in-unit laundry.

While that may give the impression it's in bad shape, it's actually a fairly well-appointed home listed at $659,000 right now.

The condo is part of the Executive Hotel LeSoleil at 567 Hornby St. However, while it's part of the physical structure, it's not part of the hotel. This is essentially a standalone home in the building, though it looks like the hotel rooms in a lot of ways. There is another unit for sale in the same building right now that can be used for short-term rental, but not this one.

"(This is) NOT a strata hotel unit. Live in full time or rent legally," writes real estate agent Norman Juraski in the REW listing, noting that there is a current tenant paying $2,600 a month to live in the unit.

As it is a lot like the hotel rooms, it's not the largest space. At just 358 square feet it's the smallest home on the Vancouver market according to REW.

While meals may be difficult to sort out for those looking to make something at home (the listing notes there is a microwave and fridge, though it's not clear where the fridge is tucked away in the photos) there is a restaurant in the hotel.

If you're wondering what the pros and cons are of buying a condo inside a hotel, REW runs down some benefits and downsides to the (hotel) suite life.