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'Where’s da Fish': Popular actor asks Vancouverites where he can get the best sushi. Locals weigh in

The actor is currently in the city and locals have offered suggestions on where he should eat.
Michael Rapaport is known for True Romance, Deep Blue Sea, and Friends. He is in Vancouver, BC for comedy and asked where to get the best sushi on TikTok.

Where is your favourite spot to eat sushi in Vancouver?

A popular comedian has asked his social media following to weigh in on where he can get the best sushi during his time in the city. 

American actor Michael Rapaport is known for his roles in True Romance, Deep Blue Sea, The Heat, Friends, Atypical, and many other films and TV shows. Described on as a "true New Yorker through and through," the funnyman has a considerable social media presence, with nearly 660,000 followers on Twitter, 2.2 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 4.1 million followers on TikTok. 

While many of his videos showcase his hilarious takes on current events, others focus on social injustices and tragedies. In one of his most recent ones, however, he asks his followers where he can dine at the best sushi restaurant in Vancouver. He's performing at the House of Comedy BC from Sept. 22 to Sept. 24.

"We need the best sushi spot," underscores Rapaport. 

His friend, who is driving, adds that they don't want any "of that all you can eat, none of that conveyor belt, strip malls and all that...we're willing to travel anywhere at any price."

But Rapaport is quick to add that he's "not paying" and his friend says he forgot his wallet. The comedian jokes that they'll have to "re-do the video." 

Tojo's sushi restaurant among top suggestions from Vancouverites 

Numerous people suggested that the funnyman head to Tojo's Restaurant on West Broadway for a taste of upscale dining. 

Tojo is largely credited with inventing the now-ubiquitous California Roll, having developed an "inside out" roll of cooked crab meat and avocado with the seaweed (nori) wrapper covered in a layer of sushi rice, in order to appeal to an array of diners who felt uneasy about picking up a piece of raw fish.

Among Tojo's credits include being one of the three local Vancouver chefs featured prominently in a 2008 episode of TV's No Reservations, starring the late Anthony Bourdain.

Some other popular sushi spots that locals suggested include Miku, Minami, Kishimoto, Koko, Yuji’s, Tom Sushi, and Octopus Garden.

A recent ranking also found that Vancouverites are "obsessed" with the popular Japanese cuisine, with over a staggering 600 sushi restaurants in the city.

With files from Lindsay William-Ross.