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Two Metro Vancouver community organizations to be featured on new renovation TV show

The contractor family of Mike, Michael, and Sherry Holmes are back with a brand new series called the Holmes Family Effect
Holmes Family Effect
The all-new show Holmes Family Effect will be featuring community organizations in Vancouver and Surrey starting in February.

Two Metro Vancouver community organizations will be featured on a new TV show where they will be receiving improvements to their buildings.

The brand new series, which premieres Sunday, Feb. 7 on CTV, follows the work of TV icon and professional contractor Mike Holmes, his daughter Sherry, and son Michael as they tackle their most important projects to date. Dubbed the Holmes Family Effect, the first season features four one-hour episodes. Two of those episodes will be dedicated to improving Working Gear based in Vancouver and Solid State in Surrey.

Working Gear provides work-related clothing and footwear free of charge to individuals re-entering the workforce. Their services have helped many low-income men, and some women, who have been unemployed for long periods and lack the finances to afford the clothing needed to find a job. Solid State gives youth of diverse ethnicities the opportunity to do market research for, manage and create workers’ co-operatives.  

Solid State is featured in episode two “Think Big. Dream Bigger.” when the Holmes family receives a call to improve the centre’s cramped and uninspiring headquarters. With help from others, the family gets to work but faces a major dilemma when they’re forced to shut down the work site due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In episode three, “One Step at a Time,” the Holmes family receives a call to action from a Working Gear volunteer to improve the crowded space.

In a previously announced partnership, Bell Media completed a deal with FOX Entertainment so the Holmes Family Effect will also be airing on FOX in the United States as part of the network’s 2020/21 mid-season schedule.

“I am absolutely thrilled about bringing Holmes Family Effect to FOX,” said Mike Holmes. “This was a very special series to film, and I am excited that it will be brought to U.S. audiences as well.”

In the premiere episode, “A Trade of a Lifetime,” the family takes on a project that is close to their hearts when 18-year-old Riley asks for their help to save her school’s skilled trades program. With some help from school alumnus and special guest Russell Peters, the Holmes family transforms three rundown classrooms.

Following the premiere, Holmes Family Effect moves to its regular Sundays at 8 p.m. time slot beginning Feb. 14 on CTV, and begins streaming Friday, March 12 on Crave.