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Vancouver designer creates other-worldly home designs for B.C.’s coastline (PHOTOS)

If the futuristic home was to be built, its designer estimates it could cost $3-4 million

A Vancouver-based designer is using 3D renderings of his designs to open Canadian’s eyes to possibilities of expressive architecture. 

Amey Kandalgaonkar moved to Canada a little over a year ago. Born in India, he received his master's degree in architectural design in the United Kingdom, and is now living in Vancouver. Inspired by Vancouver’s existing Brutalist architecture like the MacMillan Bloedel Building on West Georgia, Kandalgaonkar created a rendering of what he titled the ‘Stingray house’. 

Pictured on his Instagram page, the Stingray house’s design is a subtle nod to the sea creature, featuring exposed concrete and a glass swimming pool. The house is facing the ocean, perched on the natural rock formations so familiar to B.C.’s coastline. 

Although just a rendering, Kandalgaonkar estimates that if the Stingray house were to be built it could boast a price tag of somewhere between $3-4 million. 

Kandalgaonkar recognizes the exposed blocks of concrete that is one of the main tenets of Brutalist architecture aren’t as appreciated as they once were in the 70s and 80s but is saddened they are disappearing.

“Today actually they are vanishing because people often find them ugly," he said. "Now they are getting replaced by these new condos day by day and I just feel like it is a big loss of culture for Vancouver."

Kandalgaonkar went on to mention that around the world there is a movement to preserve Brutalist architecture but at the same time knows the style needs to be advanced. 

"I've tried to take some inspiration from the Brutalist architecture but also I think it needs to be presented in a new form, in a new geometry," he said. 

For those who might not be used to such outlandish designs in their architecture, Kandalgaonkar hopes people might open their minds to the idea that architecture is an art, a form of expression. 

“I think people tend to look at architecture or the house just as a box to live in and I think people need to look at it beyond that,” he said. 

Kandalgaonkar added that the Vancouver House, the neo-futurist skyscraper on Howe Street, has started to give Canadians a taste as to what expressive architecture could look like.