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New 'wicked walkthrough' of optical illusions comes to Vancouver (PHOTOS)

A Halloween maze full of mind-bending optical illusions is what Vancouver artists are partnering with production studios to create this October
Photo: Beaumont Studios

A Halloween maze full of mind-bending optical illusions is what’s to become of Vancouver’s Beaumont Studios venue this October.

"Shattered at The Beaumont: A Wicked Walkthrough Experience" has plans to fuse art and technology for an immersive and touch-free experience, said spokesperson Kate MacDougall.

Participants will venture through 10,000 square feet of winding hallways, rooms, and an outdoor courtyard transformed by hundreds of lasers and soundscapes, crafted by dozens of Vancouver artists and two production companies.

HiillPhoto: Beaumont Studios

From Thursday, Oct. 8 to 31, groups of up to six people will take on the challenge.

They will enter at staggered times, wearing face masks and having used hygiene hand stations – in order to stave off COVID-19 spread.

“Ghosts and goblins made of bedsheets and false teeth have been sidelined by a more insidious monster – the invisible specter of a global pandemic," MacDougall added.

"Art is at its best when overcoming adversity and it is in our most anxious moments that the human need to create and imagine is at its strongest."

Time slots for groups Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. or Friday to Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. can be booked online.

shatteredPhoto: Beaumont Studios