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Power outages, double ballots, no stickers: Vancouver voters react to election voting process

From morning delays to sharpie stains, here's what Vancouverites have to say.
Many Vancouver voters shared their voting experiences online as they headed to the polls on Oct. 15, 2022, to cast their vote in the civic election

Many Vancouverites headed to the polls today (Oct. 15) to cast their vote in the civic election.

While voters dotted different names on the ballot, many also shared different (and some lighthearted) voting experiences, from line-up wait times to mechanical issues to conversations with fellow voters. 

Voters took to Twitter after Vancouver writer Frances Bula inquired in a tweet: "I'd love to hear your stories today of how voting is going, line-ups, mechanical breakdowns, fun conversations while in line, whatever."

Even Vancouver native celebrity Seth Rogen chimed in to the Twitter conversation.

While the morning started off smoothly for some, several voters experienced delays. 

An early morning glitch caused a short stall at one polling station, meanwhile a power outage shut down another station for several hours.

The power outage at John Oliver Secondary School was scheduled to take place from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the day of the election, as listed on the BC Hydro website. Power was restored at 11 a.m. according a tweet from the City of Vancouver. 

Due to the outage, the polling station will be open later than scheduled. 

Some Vancouver voters were given multiple ballots. 

Others expressed disappointment about the lack of voting stickers.

Many more shared their experiences while waiting in line-ups and when voting, from sharpie stains to robocalls.