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Seth Rogen shares encouraging message to Vancouverites on election day

It's a big day for Vancouver.
Seth Rogen shared an encouraging message to Vancouverites on the day of the 2022 Vancouver civic election.

Today is a big day for Vancouver and even Vancouverite celebrities are offering some support. 

Seth Rogen shared a message to fellow Vancouverites as they head to the polls to vote in the civic election. 

"If you live in Vancouver, today is the day to vote!" the actor writes on Twitter. 

This isn't the first time that the celebrity has given a nod to his hometown. 

The famous cannabis connoisseur is known for his pottery (he once got his nails done to match his "gloop"), which he proudly showcases on his social media.

He even donated one of his handmade works to a Vancouver gala and other pieces to the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

Rogen also once gave a celeb chef a tour of Vancouver for a new Netflix series (there's even a map of everywhere they went).