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Vancouver creates a 'Night Office' to reimagine city's nightlife

Does Vancouver's nightlife need some help?
Vancouver's mayor has announced a new office to help improve Vancouver's night life.

Vancouver is getting a "Night Advocate."

While it sounds like the most boring version of Batman possible, the job will actually work to advocate for "Vancouver's night time economy" out of the Office for Night Time Economy. The new position is being launched by the Downtown BIA, Destination Vancouver, Hospitality Vancouver Association (HVAN) and the Mayor's Office.

"Vancouver has one of the fastest growing economies in Canada, and as we attract more people and businesses to our city, growing our hospitality sector is critical to building a true 24/7 city,” said Mayor Kennedy Stewart in a media release. “With The Invictus Games 2025 and now FIFA World Cup 2026 officially on the way, the new Night Office will help us to reimagine our night time economy."

Work will start this fall with outreach to stakeholders, followed by recommendations to the City of Vancouver about what supports are needed to grow the night time economy.

The organizations are excited to see nightlife prioritized in the city's core and see it as a chance to follow the likes of London, New York and Amsterdam in growing economic activity between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

"We can now look forward to a permanent partnership between the City, cultural, and business communities, with the shared goal of making Vancouver nightlife more robust, inclusive, safe, and world class,” says Nate Sabine of HVAN; his organization will be managing the office.

While the statement didn't get into the specifics of what is included in the night time economy, logically it would include the city's nightlife and evening entertainment in bars, restaraunts, clubs and theatres in the city's core.

Recently, a report using data from Tripadvisor named Vancouver the best in the country for its nightclub; it's a title many locals didn't agree with.

"This claim is so ridiculous that I may go walk into oncoming traffic," wrote @joeljasonbrink on Vancouver Is Awesome's Instagram post about the report.

"There is no bloody way this is true 😂," added @lesletrobinsonamon.

"Best satire article I've seen 😂," wrote @phyrrus_.

"Ummm for one, no one who’s making these clubs fun is going on Tripadvisor and writing reviews about it 😭," noted @xtinequeen.

"Vancouver ranked #1 boring city in Canada for its nightclubs" is the truth," suggested @jaimelysak.

Vancouver has also long held the moniker of No Fun City, which has been applied to the city's nightlife in particular. On the other hand, local businesses operating after 6 p.m. have done well in recent rankings, even netting top restaurant in Canada.