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Vancouver diver pulls over 550 lbs of trash out of False Creek (VIDEO)

Among the items littering the creek bed were bags of luggage, umbrellas and shopping carts
Vancouver diver at False Creek
Henry Wang is a Vancouver member of Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans who travels the province taking loads of garbage out of local waterways.

Some very Vancouver items were taken out of False Creek by a diver passionate about keeping local waters free of trash. 

Henry Wang is a Vancouver local and founder of Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans. In a recent TikTok, Wang took his 18,000 followers through the process of diving to the bottom of False Creek to collect trash hidden under the waves. Wang explained he knew there was a sizable load of trash to bring up from his past dives in the area.

@cleanerlakes 552 lbs of trash pulled out of False Creek, Vancouver. So much more down there! Thanks to @aquatic__monkey and @_hollyepearson for coming out. #scubadiving #trash ♬ original sound - Henry Wang

After the dive, which was monitored by City of Vancouver staff, Wang showed off his finds. The debris included a crusted over mountain bike, a lawn chair, two bags of luggage, a water pump hose, an electrical cord, a walker, umbrellas, kayak paddles, several water-logged phones, shopping carts, a traffic cone and a duffle bag with a 25 pound weight inside.

Wang’s “piece de resistance” was a brass ship’s propeller. In all 552 lbs (250 kilograms) of trash were pulled out of the creek, but Wang says the job is far from over.

“There’s so much more down there we just couldn’t see anymore,” Wang said in the video.

In a previous story about Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans, Wang estimated the Vancouver-based organization has pulled out roughly 45,000 beer cans since they started cleaning up in 2013.