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Vancouver dog owners can enjoy a picnic-for-two in Kitsilano this weekend

Sunday at the Spanish Banks will see dog owners indulge in charcuterie kits for both themselves and their pet
Dog owner
Photo: Instagram/Pawswapapp

Sunday at the Spanish Banks will see Vancouver dog owners gather at a safe social distance to enjoy a charcuterie picnic date with their companions.

It's to address loneliness for dogs and their owners during the pandemic, as well as the lack of patronage local businesses have been facing.

“With COVID-19 and the haze that took over the city recently, we know there are lots of bored pups out there," explained PawSwap community coordinator Melanie Englmaier. 

"We wanted to create something special for dog parents to enjoy whether they feel comfortable in socially-distanced groups yet or not."

For every 59$ charcuterie kit purchased from PawSwap, buyers will have the opportunity to donate $5 more towards a Vancouver non-profit to support free spay and neuter clinics.


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The kit is comprised of B.C. goods, including a vegetarian cheese and charcuterie box for a human, with dips, sweets, and sauces provided by Charcuterie Vancouver.

Also part of the picnic is a charcuterie box made with lookalike dog-edible items “so dogs don’t feel left out,” remarked Englmaier, including canine accessories to suit.

“Rain or shine, this picnic kit can be taken anywhere for an evening filled with feasting on fine foods for a party of two,” the PawSwap organizer added.

PawSwap is an app that connects dog owners with services, such as boarding, walking, feeding, and house sitting.

A full list of what is included can be found, here.


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