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Vancouver drivers ranked 5th 'happiest' in Canada

Do you ever get frustrated driving in Vancouver?
Kijiji Auto has ranked the 10 most populous cities in Canada based on a survey of drivers in each of them. Vancouver, B.C. drivers were the fifth-happiest.

Do you ever get frustrated driving in Vancouver?

If you do, you are far from alone. 

Online discussion forums are ripe with stories about frustrating or dangerous driving incidents in the city and across the Lower Mainland. Locals also share dashcam footage of near misses, outrageous speeding, and other jaw-dropping rule breaks. 

But according to a new study, not all Vancouverites share a disdain for getting behind the wheel.

Kijiji Autos conducted a study of over 2,000 Canadian drivers that approached drivers' attitudes and behaviours, as well as factors including "road conditions, traffic levels, dangerous drivers, and cost of running a car."

The online automotive marketplace compiled the results to create a driving city index that ranks the top ten most populous cities in Canada.

Québec tops the list as the city with the happiest drivers, with Kitchener drivers following in second. Calgarians were third-happiest behind the wheel, with Ottawa drivers ranking fourth. 

Vancouverites rounded out the top five, with 67 per cent of drivers pleased with road conditions in the city and spending just over 15 minutes spent in traffic daily. Additionally, only 10 per cent of local respondents said that owning a car in the city is expensive. That said, over 30 per cent (34%) of them admitted to losing their temper behind the wheel. 

According to Kijiji Autos, "listening to music, scenic views and a sense of freedom are among the top reasons why Canadians love driving."

Photo via Kijiji Autos

The calmest people behind the wheel are located in Kitchener, Ontario while the most focused ones are in nearby Hamilton, according to the study. "Winnipeg hosts the most drivers who admit to getting angry behind the wheel."

One in 10 Canadians sits in traffic for roughly 20 minutes per day, with Toronto drivers feeling the brunt of the congestion. 

How do Canadians handle long waits in traffic? "Two thirds of drivers enjoy music while driving, and one in 10 prefer to listen to podcasts," states the survey. 

Almost half of Canadians feel anxious at least once per week while driving, with only 2% describing the road conditions in their area as “exceptional."

Photo via Kijiji Autos