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Vancouver named fourth 'most picturesque running city' in Canada

Calgary ranked first, followed closely by Ottawa
Moving your fitness routine outdoors during the warmer months in Vancouver? Here are some tips for how to make the most of an outdoor workout.

When it comes to picturesque jogs, Vancouver lags a bit behind the nation's leaders.

Calgary came out on top, with Ottawa right behind it. Toronto was a bit behind, with Vancouver significantly further back. The report was put together by the website, which sells running shoes and associated gear. They turned to Instagram hashtags to make their determination.

"Running photos shared in Vancouver often feature both ocean and mountains, with the city providing bountiful options for those wishing to head out for a jog," notes a press release from the site.

While many shared photos of their runs in Vancouver, it fell below other Canadian cities.

"With a staggering 56 million posts under the hashtag #run alone, we were curious to find out which cities were posting the most running photos on Instagram, as a method of inspiration to encourage people to hit the streets and find their own urban stride," says Dan Cartner, spokesperson for the site.

Calgary ranked first with almost 27,000 images hashtagged #RunCalgary; Ottawa was just behind with over 26,100 tagged with #RunOttawa. Following that pattern, Toronto had almost 23,000 while Vancouver had just over 14,000. Calgary and Ottawa's numbers were good enough to finish in the top 10 globally.

"Based on these factors, Calgary ranked as the most beautiful running city in Canada and the ninth best running city globally," states the release.

Around 600 cities were looked at; Vancouver placed 20th globally. London, England, took to the top spot with over 96,000 hashtags.