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Vancouver ranked #6 city in the world for health and safety

Health and Safety was also the most improved pillar within the index in 2021.
Euromonitor International released the Top 100 Destinations Index for 2021. Vancouver was included in the top cities in the world for health and safety.

Vancouver has been ranked among the healthiest and safest cities in the world, according to a new report. 

Euromonitor International has released its Top 100 Destinations Index 2021, which the company says "provides a comprehensive and multi-layered analysis of key and emerging city hubs."

The goal of the index is to help businesses and tourism organizations identify cities that show potential for strong tourism growth.

The index compares 54 different metrics across six key pillars for 100 city destinations, to create an overall city attractiveness score. These include: Economic and Business Performance; Tourism Performance; Tourism Infrastructure; Tourism Policy and Attractiveness; Health and Safety; and Sustainability. 

In the most recent index, Euromonitor International notes that "Health and Safety is the most improved pillar" with 60 per cent of cities improving as they expanded "hygiene protocols and social protection levels." 

Singapore leads in Health and Safety globally, due to high levels of vaccinations. Report authors note that "Singapore adopted a ‘Living with Covid’ approach, unlike other Asian economies which opted for ‘Zero Covid’ strategies."

Prominent cities from the Gulf region have significantly improved their Health and Safety performance. Doha improved by 30 places, and Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates stand at the top of the rankings.

Euromonitor International highlights that "over 86 per cent of the United Arab Emirates population are fully vaccinated and over 96 per cent are partly vaccinated."

Vancouver landed in the sixth spot, rising 14 places from 2020's ranking. 

Photo via Photo via Euromonitor International